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Branded merchandise and printing can get dull and repetitive, so much so that a branded pen or notepad fails to register with most customers in this digital age. You need to be bold and unique to make your company stand out. So just how do you do that?

From stickers to signage, inventive printing is becoming more cost-effective for the marketer. Below, we discuss 8 custom printing ideas you will love. 

1. Eco-Business Cards

The humble business card is a time-honoured tradition that has endured because it works. But you can actually give a unique twist to your cards by employing eco-friendly technologies and materials. Eco business cards can show that you are environmentally conscious and show potential customers that you care. 

Source cards that are made from recycled paper are card stocks. They must have proof that they come from environmentally managed sources. Most printing companies should be able to provide these services and provide you with details.

With our range of environmentally-friendly business cards, we have carefully selected papers that are 100% recycled, environmentally produced or sourced and processed chlorine-free & acid free. This will help reduce harmful by products during the paper manufacturing process.

You could even think of combining them with recycled timber business card holders. They will look amazing at an entrance to a commercial property or on a desk, especially when combined with eco-business cards. Fill them with your cards so consumers can take them as they come and go from your property.

2. Shelf Wobblers

Shelf wobblers are excellent for anyone who owns a store or a number of them. A shelf wobbler hangs from the shelf where a price label may usually be. It will bounce on a bent piece of card, attracting a lot more attention than a usual price sticker would. 

They are great for drawing a customer’s attention to any promotions or discounts that you may have on. Offers such as discounts, buy one and get one free or limited time offers can increase your sales. 

Shelf wobblers usually work best when combined with an image or logo of the product, particularly if you are promoting a well-known brand. They should be printed on no less than 310 gsm artboard, as their hanging nature requires durability.

We can produce shelf wobblers can come in a number of finishes, let us know what custom printing ideas you may have in mind. Add matte or gloss laminated for extra durability. Raised gold and silver embellishments can give a luxury feel, ideal for promoting higher-end products. Raised Scodix can also give an extra boost when attracting the eye of consumers.

3. Tear-Off Promo Cards

Tear off promo cards are a fantastic way to gain exposure as they actually have two great uses. The first is the tear-off promo, which people will hand in to gain a discount or prize. The second is the card that will stay with them, to use in the way a traditional business card would work. 

The tear-off section could promote a number of ideas. Special coupon codes could be used to increase sales. They may also draw people to certain places, such as a website or in-store if you wish to increase sales in a particular area or location. 

You may try raffle tickets or a competition. You could also use them as gift cards so that people get a specific amount credited to them on a website or in-store. 

The upper business card section can be dual-sided. It will also attract more attention if you choose an eye-catching image for this part. Ideally, this will be a picture of your product or a logo for your brand. 

Tear-off promo cards can be provided in a number of finishes, embellishments, and laminates to catch the eye. Like this print product but not sure where to start? No worries, our graphic design team can help with creative custom printing ideas.

4. Drink and Beer Coasters

Drink and beer coasters are an outstanding way to reach customers and clients at a time when they are at their most relaxed when they are having a well-earned drink. This can be great for anyone looking to promote a product linked to leisure time activities. 

Restaurants and bars can also utilize them to increase product sales. If people put their glass down and have already bought a drink, why not use them to upsell? Adorn them with pictures of your food and snack menu, or advertise events that may be coming up. 

Creating a selection of three or four different coasters is a great way to get consumers to browse your product selection, without even realizing they are doing it. If they notice coasters are different, they will look through them all.

Use this to your advantage and design each coaster differently, so it displays your product range. 

Of course, you can always just use them in the traditional method and slap your awesome logo on them. Brand them with your restaurant decals for a classy, sophisticated appearance. 

5. Labels and Stickers

Stickers and labels are an excellent way to promote your product or service or add temporary offers and sales to existing items. This can be great if you want to add something to packaging without redesigning and repurposing a whole inventory of products.

Sales and sale products look great when promoted with stickers. Try to use colours that highlight the product, and are different from its normal packaging. You may use a specific branding or logo for this, as many major supermarkets do. 

Stickers and labels can also be used as an everyday promotional tool. Hand them out at events and fairs for people to stick on home items and decorate belongings. 

6. Custom Printing Ideas for Floor Stickers

What better way to advertise your brand or product than placing information literally in someone’s path? On top of promotion, you can also use stickers to give information, either for directions around an area or for social distancing. 

Floor stickers need to be made specially, as they have to be durable and easy to apply. Most are made with an anti-slip laminate to stop any accidents. They also feature strong, self-adhesive backings to avoid peeling. 

In times of social distancing, these stickers have of course come into their own for health purposes. Use them to remind people to keep a distance, even use them to mark boundaries. They can also be used to indicate hand sanitation areas and the need to wear a facemask. 

Floor stickers can also direct people if you have a temporary one-way system in place. They can also be used in large stores (imagine that large Swedish furniture store) to guide customers to various parts and departments. 

7. Greetings Cards

Greetings cards work so well because they are personal. If you are a business or offer a service, they build a relationship with consumers showing that you care about them and their needs. Great greetings cards do not all have to be funny or witty, they just need to be personal. 

There are a number of cards you could print. Invitations to events such as weddings and birthdays also look better when professionally printed, and you can give them an individual touch by using pictures. Add your own text and message, so you do not have the cold printed ideas you find in off the shelf ones. 

A card can also signify congratulations. While the cost of printing them for many personal occasions may warrant a store-bought option, anyone thanking people for gifts or attending a wedding would benefit from a custom print option. 

8. Window Signage

Window signage is any sign that can affix itself to glass. As such, it is just as useful on doors or automobile windows as it is a traditional window.

Using them on doors as people enter properties is a way to give information, quickly. They often provide advice on payment types, opening times, and can let people know how to gain products without even walking into the premises (think of delivery website stickers on restaurant doors).

Of course, their importance in times of COVID can not be underestimated. They can signal to people how you would like them to act regarding hygiene, be it wearing a facemask or sanitizing their hands. You can also use them to ask people to respect social distancing guidelines. 

Car stickers are an excellent way to get your brand awareness out and your product promoted on the move. Hung in the back of car windows, they will be visible to everyone driving in the rear traffic of your customers. 

Affordable Printing

You can find a number of easy to access quotes online, making printing and delivery fast and efficient. 

Once you have your custom printing ideas, we can make it easier for you with our experienced and passionate in-house design team and print facilities all under one roof. Get easy access to quick, online quotes on our most popular print products and work with your expected requirement for your marketing campaigns. Contact us today for affordable, high-quality product, and professional service when printing online.

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