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No matter what your style is, we have affordable & quality business card printing options to physically represent your business whether you are located in Melbourne, or Brisbane, or anywhere Australia wide!

Technological advancements and digital business networking platforms have helped to increase social media popularity, but a physical card still has its merits. The grace and elegance of a physical card still prevail.


Our classic standards, with your choice of finishes such as a soft velvet laminate, gloss laminate, or matte laminate for extra durability. If you’re in a hurry, order our Express/Same Day cards for guaranteed lightning fast dispatch.
Standard Business Cards


Our specialty range is printed on carefully selected paper stocks that accomplish the one goal of any business card – make you look awesome, whilst being kind to mother nature.
Specialty Business Cards


For even more customisation, choose from striking and luxurious finishes that really pop off of the paper. Printed on thick board to truly stand out from the stack.
Premium Business Cards

Simply upload your own artwork or have one of our expert graphic designers create a stunning design for you. We can check your artwork to make sure it’s print ready, plus make any necessary adjustments, or you can send us artwork that you’ve already optimized for print. Or, if you have a design but still need some additional work done, we’re always happy to offer advice or custom quotes to ensure your 100% satisfaction.


Kate Perlstein
Kate Perlstein
We have been using ZooZoo for many years and we couldn't be happier. Thankyou for your quick turnaround times and your attention to detail. Couldn't recommend them highly enough!
Yasser Mohamed
Yasser Mohamed
I am so happy I choose Zoozoo Printing for my business printing. The customer service, quality, price, design were all first class - I had some custom invoice books printed and they are better than I hoped for! I will be getting Zoozoo to do my business cards next!
Henry Stewart
Henry Stewart
I.m a long time customer ZooZoo has wonderful service, lots of creativity and patience to produce a product which is perfect for the customer
I have used Zoozoo printing on a few project and still using them. Tony and the team have been great, Highly recommend.
Aqil Saibo
Aqil Saibo
Tony and the team did an amazing job printing our new business cards. The turnover time was short, the quality was second to none and the customer service was beyond excellent!
Deepika Chandran
Deepika Chandran
Excellent and friendly service. Sabrina and Tony understand the requirements and fulfil the requirement with perfection. Highly commendable, honest and trustworthy company. Will recommend for excellence.
End to End Business Card Printing in Melbourne

In today’s world of networking, making all the efforts to cast an impressive first impression is immensely essential. For this purpose, business cards have been in use for many years in Melbourne.

Professional custom business cards are one of the most essential marketing tools for a business in Australia. Being an immensely personal form of marketing, it serves the purpose of marketing your business while increasing brand exposure. Business cards owe their popularity to the functional and portable aspect of the product.

When it comes to business card printing in Melbourne, Zoozoo Printing reckons that a creative card curates a distinct image of credibility, professionalism and loyalty. These are factors that significantly influence prospective clients while making a decision. Experienced printing companies like us ensure the design stands out in the market, offering a competitive edge to their clients.

Why are Business Cards Popular?

We produce custom business cards in Melbourne that are of good quality while offering them at affordable prices. Designing a card from a blank canvas offers a unique opportunity to make them memorable. Stamp your company’s logo and identity, which helps you connect with your targeted audience most effectively.

Business cards are undoubtedly vital for establishing and recalling your brand, which in turn makes you more recognisable. Established business practices often advise incorporating the most essential elements, such as the company’s name, tagline, logo, contact information, social media icons and any other vital details that could be included seamlessly. Setting these elements against an attractive design aids in reinforcing your brand integrity and fostering a business identity that is communicated effectively and is memorable.

Lead generation is a vital part of any business network. Many times, people meet, exchange pleasantries, and then walk away promptly forgetting the other’s name or even what they do. In such scenarios, a business card creates opportunities over time.

Use a Professional Printing Company to Establish Your Brand

There are several popular business networking platforms in the digital world. However, other than the profile and banner photo, every account tends to look the same. Being creative serves as leverage and implementing some artistic skills in your business card designs makes it all the more attractive with useful information.

There is no denying technology contributes to transformation in today’s business space. In a world, where written communication is usually paperless, business cards serve as the sole physical piece of contact that has been able to retain its place.

Trust Us!

Business cards often serve as an extension of you as a business owner and your business as a brand. It distinguishes you from your competitors, offering a unique approach to casting the first impression on your clients. Expert business card designers combine distinct tactical and visual representations creating a connection that isn’t possible online. See, feel, experience the quality yourself and order your free sample pack today!

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