7 Unique Ways Booklet Printing Can Promote Your Business

Did you know that it’s easier for the eyes to process information when it’s read in print than when it’s read from a screen?

Also, according a study in 2017 by Two Sides, the majority of Australians prefer to read the printed versions of books, magazines, and newspapers over the digital version.  Overall, findings conclude that consumers trust, enjoy and gain a deeper understanding of information read in print, with signs of digital fatigue and concern for security and privacy evident.

So how does all of this information help you promote your business? It’s important to remember that before digital marketing, there was print. This medium still exists today and is an efficient way to promote your business.

Read on for 7 key ways booklet printing can help you make money and grow your business.

1. Booklets Are Better

According to the study, most Australians trust print more than technology when reading, and gain a better understanding of what exactly they’re reading.

Key Findings:

  • 63% prefer to read product catalogues in print
  • 72% of Australians do not pay attention to online advertisements
  • 67% agreed they find online advertisements annoying

Though there are plenty of print marketing options, booklets allow more information to be packed into a compact vessel that’s stylish and easy to hand out.

Booklets help a person’s mind gain a better understanding of what your company is promoting, and it helps you to establish a more trustworthy brand. Designing a slick, impressive print is likely to inspire others to open and read through it.

2. Quality Matters

Much like a website and social media content, a well-designed booklet says a lot about your business, and so does the quality of the material it was printed on.

For some, it could be their first impression of your business. First impressions are everything. A printed-out version of your business is a lot more far-reaching than you could ever imagine. If you’re not sure where to start, hiring a professional to design your booklet is the best way to go.

3. Plenty of Options

Digital marketing is appealing because of the amount of options that are immediately available, but those same options can be available in your booklet as well.

The only difference between the two? One can be felt and the other can only be seen. Tactility is becoming more important as the world has shifted and become more dependent on the online world.  Touch is one of the first senses we develop, and through out our lives will remain an important tool for communication.  We develop emotional responses and associations to the things we touch, and with the right applications to your booklet printing needs can create a positive association with your brand.

At Zoozoo Printing, we can help create an impact with a wide range of paper stock, different binding options, and other unique finishing options based on your needs.

4. Easier Accessibility

Though we live in a world of smartphones, the internet may not always be readily available. If a person’s phone dies or loses service, a piece of paper with the information they need is a lot more effective.

Digital marketing also comes with a laundry list of tips and tricks to learn, but print doesn’t come with analytics.

Capturing the essence of your business and placing it into a paper keepsake that others can take with them once they leave is a greater convenience for your customers.

5. Less Intrusive Form of Marketing

Pop-up ads or sponsored content on social media can be irritating. Video ads in the middle of a video or commercials on a TV show are either skipped or ignored. Emails filled with advertisements usually get deleted.

A booklet, on the other hand, is made to last.

Booklets that contain recipes, stories about your business, or even a portfolio of the work your business has done, are more pleasant to read than a large block of text under an Instagram photo.

6. Allows for Creativity and Loyalty

Brand loyalty is a high achievement to make as a business owner. Printing booklets does that, and gives your customers tangibility.

With booklets, it’s possible to convey your brand in words. Writing the way you speak to your customers, and adding colourful images into the copy, makes it easy to recognise your brand.

Booklets also help your build your brand. Using your logo, and then designing the rest of the booklet in those colours, or sticking to a specific theme, lets your customers know that you put thought into it.

In print, it’s also easier to recognise colour and know that your images are going to stay true to the goal you set out to reach.  In digital marketing, it’s easy to know that everyone’s screens are different, but print is uniform across the board (especially if you’re using a high quality print services).  It’s easy to say you’ll be safe knowing that your advertisements will be conveyed exactly as you intended them in a booklet.

Catalogue Printing

7. Something to Look Forward To

Booklets are an easy way to provide your customers with an incentive.

If you sell products, releasing an annual catalogue with all of the year’s new items and offerings gives your customers something to look forward to. You can also place monthly deals in different sections of the booklet.

If it’s a monthly catalogue, place weekly or daily deals in different sections. Another incentive to place inside are coupons or rewards for keeping the booklet on hand — ideally these could be used at any time.

If you only have one booklet that you only remake every so often, placing an offer that makes it worthwhile for the customer to keep and carry it with them every time they visit or interact with your business is another way to promote your business locally.

Promote Your Business Thoughtfully

Printing a booklet at all shows your customers and clients that you’re thoughtful and meticulous when it comes to marketing. Putting the effort into creating an entire booklet to showcase your products can go a long way.

No matter your purpose or goal, we can help you achieve it. Contact us today about your custom booklet printing needs, and let us help you promote and grow your business.

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