Custom Shaped Business Card Ideas that will Leave an Impression

88% of business cards don’t make it past a week in your customer’s possession.  Think about how many business cards you have kept? Thrown out? Say goodbye to blending into the stack, we’re here to help you stand out of the crowd with 8 custom shaped business card ideas that won’t be tossed.

After hours of consideration, arranging your information and logo to catch your potential consumer’s eye, wouldn’t it be a shame for it to hit the rubbish bin before it even did its job?

Even if you do make it into the lucky 12% that join the ‘I might need this later’ pile, your card is still subject to the doom and gloom of collecting cobwebs in a desk drawer among all the other rectangular-shaped look-alikes.

1. Leafy Appeal

There are heaps of factors to consider when making your business card stand out, from logo placement to colour choices but nothing says standing out like literally not fitting into the average card shape.

Stray from the standard sharp-cornered bore. This Leaf shape inspired card design adds a dose of curve-appeal to your wallet promo. The rounded sides draw the eye in and can be utilised to highlight your unique business style.

Does your business deal with writing or filing? Play into the shape with your artwork by playing up a page curl effect on the bottom curved corner. 

Breaking boundaries in the arts or architecture? Utilise these curves to play with some beautiful lines and highlight your talent.

2. Satisfying Square

Whether you opt for curved edges or the classic corners, a square business card is a great way to stand out in a rectangle-shaped collection. Use this shape to level up your creativity and really showcase what you do.

If you produce photography or art, this is a great chance to frame your work without distractions. With our tools, you can Upload your high-quality images without sacrificing space or quality. Flip the info over to the back and fill this art-friendly space up! 

Is your business booming on social media? How about turning this little square into an Instagram grid and highlighting your socials? This would also be a great option for a digital marketing company or just a cute way to showcase your work and products.

Tech-savvy? Use this face to incorporate a QR code and draw digital attention to your curious consumers.

Marketing your boutique? Turn this shape into a clothing tag that your customers will need to keep!

3. Circle of Style

When was the last time you saw a circle business card? Pretty rare right? 

There’s no doubt that a round custom shaped business card will not soon be forgotten. Not only will it not feel like other cards in their hand, but the fun shape is great for adding a bit of personality!

Spreading the word about your new golf club? Why not transform your card into a golf ball and catch the eye of those dedicated golfers?

Specialize in sweets at your budding bakery? How delicious would a cupcake design with your logo look sprawled out in icing look? We reckon you’d be breaking into the cravings centre in no time.

Freelance photographer looking to connect with potential clients? Top this shape off with a raised glossy or metallic surface to mimic a camera lens. Your new clients can practice their camera-friendly smiles while they flip this card over and hit dial.

4. Match Your Niche

Nothing clears up a confused consumer like a custom shaped business card literally shaped for what you do. 

Looking to dominate the real estate market? Why not opt for business cards shaped like a house? 

Online fashion boutique? What fashionista could resist an amazing shoe?

Dental care? Nothing brings attention to that toothache you keep putting off like a giant sparkly tooth.

Want to land a prized position on the fridge? What dog lover wouldn’t want an adorable pup or a friendly paw print pinned up on the fridge as a gentle reminder it’s time for a puppy salon day.

Unsure if your occupation can be made into a card shape? Our team is excited to help you find out!

5. Folded Business Cards

Love the idea of a normal business card but have more information to fit in? Why not opt for a folded business card to showcase your personality and deliver quick relevant info.

Ideal for table cards, appointment cards or situations where more information is required.

Creatively intertwine your business name with memorable photos for a pocket portfolio. Or perhaps include a list of your services and pricelist? Easily add emphasis to your brand name with matte and gloss finishes. Give your cards that extra oomph with premium finishes such as spot uv or raised scodix.

6. No Sharp Corners Here

Looking for a more subtle design change? Try rounding off the corners to add a soft appeal to your marketing game. Layer your discreet shape modification with different materials and finishes to amp up the unique factor and emphasize your brand.

Try a recycled kraft paper to highlight your eco-friendly efforts or bling it up with a raised metallic logo to show off your glam style.

Breakaway from the standard sizes with this one and try your hand at creating a cool playing card style promo. Memorable and multipurpose, an idea like this won’t be rubbish anytime soon.

Run a pub, local eatery, or cafe? Take it to another level by changing up the dimensions and mimicking the coaster design we all know so well and make that next refreshment a must. Bump up visibility by using these cleverly crafted drink & beer coasters in your establishment to inspire your customers to debut them on their own coffee tables or home bars.

Now that’s a design that’s useful! 

7. Stretch It Out

Mix up the classic shape and stretch your card into an elongated rectangle. Go slim and long or take up extra space by switching up a horizontal or vertical design.

Event planning company? Turn this fun shape into a party invite or make it memorable with a photo booth reel. 

In the accommodation industry or spreading joy with a travel agency? Transform your card into a baggage tag or airline ticket and tap into the nostalgic ‘itchy feet’ feeling your customers know and love.

Is your new yoga studio is searching for those spiritual yogis to create a community? Get flexible by capturing the essence of bliss with a yoga mat design and fill up that studio stat!

8. Get Obscure

Maybe it’s a crazy outside-the-lines edge or a completely off the wall shape. The sky is the limit with custom shaped business cards.

Want to increase your hairdressing clientele? Zone in on those out of control ends by creating strands of hair travelling past the edges of your card. Your new clients might double-take to be sure they aren’t rocking this afro overgrowth between appointments.

Think recreating an amazing wave for your surfing school promo is out of reach? We love it! Suck those water babies in with their need to master that wave.

The sky is the limit.

Level Up With a Custom Shaped Business Card

With so many eye-catching ideas your new business card will be anything but boring. We know you’ve got big ideas and we can’t wait to help bring your custom shaped business card to life.

If you need any help on your standout design, let our design team help you stay out of that business card pileup.
Inquire today for a bespoke custom shaped card or view our entire range of business card options and get started!

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